To be known and loved is a chief desire we all share. One without the other is a cheap imitation, an incomplete fulfillment of true belonging. To be known requires honesty; to love requires commitment. To find a home in another’s soul, to know you are worth fighting for — to be known and loved, is worth celebrating. So let’s get to it!

Since 2008, I have photographed weddings and couples both near and far. In 2016, I married the love of my life, Jordan, and moved to Los Angeles. With an improved take on weddings as a bride, I restructured my business to better serve couples. I value hospitality, quality, honesty, and commitment. My vision as a photographer is to curate a space where the joining of two worlds and two lives (you two!) is celebrated with ingenuity and eloquence. This means investing time and energy into client relationships in order to build trust, cultivate genuine connection, and identify/encapsulate your celebration points.

When it comes to your love story, my end-all, be-all is to celebrate your journey and inspire others along the way. Through a lens of emotion and intimacy, I communicate love as infectious, mesmerizing, passionate and genuine. This means candid captures, raw emotion, action stills, less posing, more moving. The goal is moment-driven images.


Love is a story we will never finish telling

Outside of the shared resource we have in time, nothing is promised. Realizing that love is not to be assumed, I’ve set out to explore the individual nuances and unfiltered expressions of love in others’ romantic relationships so that the genuine and unconditional nature of their love can be celebrated and remembered in all of its potency.